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Idea: pursue excellence and never be satisfied!
Vision: To create a well-known international inspection and certification brand, to provide global customers with fair, fast, reliable and consistent localization services.
Market philosophy: serve with the heart and create the best interests of customers and employees.
Employment Principle: there is virtue and talent to break the rules of reuse, there is virtue and no talent to cultivate and use, there is talent and no virtue to restrict employment, no virtue and no talent to be resolutely unused!
The cultural concept of employees: happy work, happy life, and show the most beautiful smile to our customers.
The external image of the company is professional, fair, efficient, quick, excellent and honest.
People-oriented cornerstone - adhere to the people-oriented, respect for knowledge, respect for talent policies and strategic thinking into practice.
The overall goal is to establish first-class institutions, ensure first-class quality and provide first-class services.
Strategic planning - three steps, that is, building a nest to attract phoenix, attract talent; win credibility, stand firm; strengthen construction, accelerate development.
Implementing the principle of "two no two, that is, do not seek the largest number, but the best reputation; do not seek immediate success, but seek justice and science.
Our persistence - adhere to customer-oriented service attitude; adhere to a fair and equitable testing attitude; adhere to the integrity of independent certification attitude.
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FCC requirements for desktop and vehicular QI wireless charger
Does your product deal with EU WEEE? - EU WEEE control will expand to all electrical and electronic equipment.
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