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Attestation type (certification type):CE


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Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology Co.,Ltd

Product (product name): 

Flap Barrier


Dr. td.6900 /dr. td.6901 /dr. td.6902 /dr. td.6903 /dr. td.6905 /dr. td.6906/

Dr. td.6907 /dr. td.6908 /dr. td.6909 /dr. td.6913 /dr. td.6916 /dr. td.6951/

Dr. td.6952/Dr. td.6953/Dr. td.6955/Dr. td.6956/Dr. td.6957/Dr. td.6957b/

Dr. td.6958/Dr. td.6959/Dr. td.6971 /dr. td.6981/Dr. td.6982 /dr. td.6983/

Dr. td.6985/Dr. td.6986/Dr. td.6987 /dr. td.6988 /dr. td.6989

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Standards (standard:

IN IEC 62368-1:2020/A11:2020

The content of the QR code is consistent with the original certificate,it is a true certificate, otherwise it is a forged certificate.

(The content of the two-dimensional code is the same as the original certificate, otherwise it is a forged certificate.

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Certification basis

Information Security Technology-Basic Requirements for Classified Protection of Network Security