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Shenzhen Tianhai Detection Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tianhai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Silicon Valley Power Intelligent Terminal Industrial Park, Guanlan Dafu Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen. It covers an area of 2000 square meters. It is a professional testing laboratory engaged in EMC, safety regulations and services. It has 966 anechoic room, 844 anechoic room, conduction shielding room and ESD electrostatic laboratory. It is now a national high-tech enterprise, and has been recognized by the CNAS Testing Laboratory of the China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment and the CMA Testing Agency. It is an independent third-party testing agency recognized by multinational institutions.

Tianhai testing is set up and operated in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO 17025. The testing instruments are made up of Germany's Rohde & Schwarz, Switzerland's EMTEST, YYOKOGAWA, Agilent, Tektronix and other world's top instrument manufacturers. The equipment is advanced and sophisticated, the site environment control is reliable, the traceability is strong, the technical team is senior and efficient, and it keeps close cooperation with international authoritative organizations. It has obtained UL,TUV,Intertek ,TIMCO ,FCC, FCC,EMCC, recognized by NEMKO,SGS,VCCI,KEMA,KETI, etc. The service involves medical equipment, household appliances, audio and video equipment, information technology equipment, batteries, lamps, communications and other fields, and has successfully applied for explosion-proof certificate, CE certification, FCC, ROHS, UL certification, CCC, explosion-proof certification, ISO and other certification for customers. The company has absolute technical advantages in DC FAN, LED lamps, PCB boards, motors, switching power supplies, massage equipment, etc.

Tianhai testing team is composed of senior experts and industry engineers who have been engaged in international certification for a long time. With excellent technical team, it can provide you with one-step testing and services. It can tailor reasonable design schemes for customers' products from the development front end of circuit design, PCB Layout, product architecture, component selection, etc. Engineers can comprehensively consider cost and production process factors, formulate feasible and effective certification rectification schemes, and greatly shorten the cycle, make your products rest assured to enter the world's major markets, more competitive in the market.
Tianhai Testing adheres to the quality policy of "fair, honest, accurate and fast", accurate testing methods and high-quality professional testing services to better serve customers.

About Us

15 years of dedicated certification


Have 844 anechoic chamber

2000 +

Covers an area of 2000 square meters

10000 +

Common Choice of 10000 Enterprises


Service areas

Philosophy: the pursuit of excellence, never satisfied!
Vision: shaping international inspection and certification of well-known brands, to provide global customers with fair, fast, reliable and consistent localization services.
Market concept: the intention of service, create customers and employees to maximize the interests!

The principle of employing people: have virtue and talent to reuse, have virtue and no talent to cultivate and use, have talent and no virtue to restrict employment, no virtue and no talent resolutely do not use!
Staff culture concept: happy work, happy life, the most beautiful smile to show customers!
The company's external image: professional, fair, efficient, fast, excellent, integrity!

Our development

People-oriented cornerstone-adhere to the people-oriented, the respect for knowledge, respect for talent policy and strategic thinking into practice.
Overall goal-to establish first-class institutions, ensure first-class quality, provide first-class service.
Strategic planning-three steps, namely, building nests to attract phoenixes and attracting talents; gaining credibility and gaining a firm foothold; strengthening construction and accelerating development.
The principle of implementation-two not two, that is, not the largest number, but the best reputation.
Our insistence-adhere to the customer-oriented service attitude; adhere to a fair and equitable testing attitude; adhere to the integrity of independent certification attitude.


competitive advantage

professional justice


Tianhai Testing Technology Company has received support from many customers and cooperative organizations based on the service management concept of the industry. At present, the company has carried out systematic management of the laboratory. And obtained the authorization of UL, TCB, TIMCO, ECC DR RASEK, TUV Rheinland LQPS, TUV PS in the United States, and successfully applied for CE, R & TTE, FCC, CB, UL, TUV, GS, C- TICK, SaAA, UN38.3 and other certifications for multiple customers. The company has absolute technical advantages in DC FAN, LED lights, PCB boards, switching power supplies, massage equipment, mobile phone communications, telephones, wires and cables, Bluetooth (Bluetooth), WLAN and intercom equipment (Two - way Radio).

Efficient and fast


Tianhai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional testing laboratory specializing in product import and export safety (SAFETY), electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio frequency (R & TTE) and environmental protection (ROHS) certification. The company has an efficient and professional team, relying on careful and thoughtful service and rich human resources, we can provide accurate and fast quality service for your enterprise and products through the corresponding certification and license. The company can take into account the customer's cost and production process factors, to develop a feasible and effective certification rectification program. Try to help customers pass the certification at one time with the lowest cost scheme.

Excellence Integrity


Tianhai Testing Technology Co., Ltd. promises to customers include information confidentiality, training, work quality and work progress, adjustment of consultants, on-site audit, recommendation of certification agencies, provision of corresponding information, later service, and compliance with the rules and regulations of customer units.

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Enterprise qualification

CNAS Certificate

EMCC Authorization Certificate

TIMCO Authorization

TUV Rheinland certificate

UL certification authorization certificate

UL Authorized Qualification

Tianhai domain name certificate

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

Tianhai Testing European Authorization Certificate

Tianhai Testing European Authorization Certificate

Tianhai Testing European Authorization Certificate

Three Certificates in One Tianhai Testing Business License

CEC California Energy Efficiency Authorization

CEC California Energy Efficiency Authorization

Qualification certificate of inspection and testing institution

High-tech Enterprise Certificate

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