Light performance test
Light performance test
Light performance test
  • Light performance test
  • Light performance test
  • Light performance test

Light performance test

Optical performance is a big index, which is composed of solar transmittance, solar reflectance, solar absorption rate, visible light transmittance, visible light reflectance, total solar blocking rate, ultraviolet blocking rate, shading coefficient, U-value and other small indicators. When light hits paper, plastic, glass, metal and other materials, it shows normal reflection, but the number of reflections is different. Manufacturers of lighting products must ensure that they meet all the performance requirements of their target markets worldwide.

Introduction to Light Performance Test

Light performance test

Performance testing can be in accordance with ISO, ASTM, DIN, GB, HB and other standards to complete the light transmittance of various products, tinting strength, hiding power, gloss and other optical performance testing.

The optical performance test is to test the luminous power of the laser at a certain temperature, characterized by comprising: a heating device for heating the laser to a required temperature, the heating device can place at least two lasers at the same time: a driving power supply, which is electrically connected to the laser, and is used to provide a driving voltage to the laser; an ammeter, which is electrically connected to the laser, for monitoring the current through the laser; an optical power meter, the optical fiber is connected to the laser for monitoring the optical power of the laser.

Light performance test main content:

1. Refractive index

2. Dispersion and dispersion coefficient

3. Birefringence and extraordinary refractive index

4. Reflection and reflection coefficient

5. Total reflection

6. Absorption coefficient

7. Scattering

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Common light performance test products are

Including semiconductor lighting (LED light sources and lamps), incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps and discharge tubes, energy-saving lamps, HID lamps, street lamps, automotive lighting, traffic lights, sun equipment, office lighting, courtyard lighting, flat-panel TVs, etc.

Light performance test

light performance test standards:

CNS 8839-Determination of Refractive Index of 1996 Chemicals

JB-T 9495.2-1999 optical crystal refractive index measurement method

GBT 16863-1997 Test Method for Refractive Index of Crystals

JIS Z 4508-1980 Test Method for Scattering Ratio of Low Backscattering Materials

GBT 6691-1986 Determination of refractive index of resin finishing agent

GB/T 24578-2009 Test method for metal contamination on silicon wafer surface by total reflection X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

DIN 51440-1-2003 Gasoline-Determination of phosphorus content-Part 1: Wavelength dispersive X-ray spectrometry

BS 7825-3-5-1997(R2003) Calibration forms for rubber and plastics testing equipment. Optical and aging characteristics

GBT 15596-1995 Determination of Changes in Color and Properties of Plastics after Exposure to Glass, Sunlight or Natural Climate or Artificial Light

GB T 27583-2011 Test methods for reflective glare properties of optical functional films-Test methods for reflective glare properties of optical functional films

色坐标Color coordinates Illumination distance Illumination
Effective average illumination curve Effective average
illumination curve
Luminous flux, luminous efficiency
Luminous flux and
luminous efficiency
Light intensity data Light intensity
Comprehensive Analysis Comprehensive of Photobiosafety
analysis of photobiological safety
Color Deviation Color deviation isointensity map lsocandela
Photochemical hazard Photochemical of skin and eyes
hazard for skin and eye
Red than Red ratio UGR Unified Glare Value UGR
unified glare rating
Ultraviolet radiation Comprehensive analysis UV radiation
comprehensive analysis
Color Tolerance Color tolerance 电流Electric current Iso-illumination diagram (plane/space) lsolux diagram
correlated color temperature CCT Frequency Frequency Brightness limit curve
Peak wavelength Power Light intensity distribution curve/light distribution curve Luminous
intensity distribution curve/Light
distribution curve
Color rendering index CRI Voltage Voltage Budget chart
radiation flux Radiant flux Utilization factor Utilization Use chart
spectral distribution Spectral
Maximum allowable distance-to-height ratio Maximum
allowable spacing height
Lamp probability curve Lighting probability
Beam angle    
Integrating sphere test items
Photometric and colorimetric measurements: Photometric and colorimeticm
色容差(SDCM) : Color tolerance
Power and energy efficiency measurement: Power and energy efficiency m
Mat shot power (w) : Radiated power
色度坐标(xy.u.v):Chromatiaity Coordinat
色偏差(Du) : Color deviation
Spectral Power Distribution (Winm) : Spectral Power Distrib
谐波_(THD) : Total Harmonic Distortion
相关色温(K) : Correlated Colour temperature Power South Factor (PF) : Power fadtor
能效指数(EE) : Energy efmliciency index Voltage (v): Voltage
显色指数(Ra) : Colour rendering index Current (A): Current
发光效率(Imw) : luminous elidiency 频率(Hz) : Frequency
Total luminous flux (lm):Total luminous flux Power (w): Power
Peak wavelength (nm) : Peak wavelengh s/P ratio
Distributed Photometer Test Project
灯具利用系数:Ublization fadtor table for indoor lu
配光曲注: Light Distribution Curve
Spatial Intensity Distribution: Luminous intensity distribution Beam Angle: Beam Angle
spatial color distribution: color spatial uniformity UGR眩光:UGR Glare
Lamp calculation curve: Budgetary Estimate Table Illumination Distance Icon: Lux distance Curve
Planar iso-illumination curves: Space ISO Lux diagram Light Pendulum data sheet (cd):lntensity data
Total luminous flux (1lm):Total luminous flux Upward luminous flux ratio: Upward Lumens
发光效率(Imw) : luminous elidiency Lower sealing luminous flux ratio: Downward Lumens
Ring Emperor luminous flux: Zonal fltux distribution 距高比:Distance and height ratio
center light intensity (cd):Central intensity ES file: IEs file
Peak light intensity (cd):Maimum intensity Power-off factor (PF) : Power factor

Tianhai Testing Laboratory

Tianhai testing is set up and operated in accordance with the laboratory accreditation system specification ISO 17025. The testing instruments are made up of Germany's Rohde & Schwarz, Switzerland's EMTEST, YYOKOGAWA, Agilent, Tektronix and other world's top instrument manufacturers. The equipment is advanced and sophisticated, the site environment control is reliable, traceability is strong, the technical team is senior and efficient, and close cooperation with international authoritative organizations is maintained.

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Inspection Guarantee

Inspection Guarantee

China National Accreditation Committee for Conformity Assessment Laboratory Accreditation (CNAS), Inspection and Testing Agency Qualification Certificate (CMA), American Laboratory Accreditation Association (A2LA); Government-approved third-party testing service agencies, in strict accordance with national standards for testing, issued a report with legal effect.

Quickly get the certificate.

Quickly get the certificate.

55 engineers with more than 10 years of experience in EMC design and rectification, quickly out of the design; The introduction of German RS,SCHWARZBECK and Swiss TESEQ imported precision instrument testing, 24-hour operation, short test cycle, half an hour out of the program, 3 days to get the report.

Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory

Has EMC electromagnetic compatibility, safety laboratory, 966 anechoic chamber, automotive electronics laboratory, medical electronics testing laboratory, 5G RF CCC laboratory, RF laboratory, private anechoic chamber laboratory, providing a wide range of testing; The laboratory has won CMA, CNAS, A2LA and other qualifications;

Enterprise strength

Enterprise strength

15 years of industry experience, deep-rooted in the field of electromagnetic compatibility, efficient solution to product electromagnetic compatibility and other issues; National high-tech enterprise, with CMA and CNAS certificates, has been recognized by UL, TUV, Intertek, TIMCO, FCC, EMCC, NEMKO, SGS, etc. in the United States, serving the world.

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