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Attestation type (certification type):CE


Applicant (Name of Applicant):

Shenzhen Door Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd

Product (product name): 

Full-height Turnstile


Dr. td.6621, Dr. td.6621l, Dr. td.6621b, Dr. td.6623,

Dr. td.6626, Dr. td.6627, Dr. td.6628, Dr. td.6629,

Dr. td.6629c, Dr. td.6629a, Dr. td.6691, Dr. td.6692,

Dr. td.6693, Dr. td.6695, Dr. td.6696, Dr. td.6697,

DR.TD.6698, DR.TD.6699

Date of Issud(发line date): 


Standards (standard:

DR.TD.6771-1, DR.TD.6771-2, DR.TD.6771A-1, DR.TD.6771A-2,

DR.TD.6772-1, DR.TD.6772-2, DR.TD.6773-1, DR.TD.6773-2,

DR.TD.6775-1, DR.TD.6775-2, DR.TD.6776-1, DR.TD.6776-2,

DR.TD.6777-1, DR.TD.6777-2, DR.TD.6778-1, DR.TD.6778-2,

DR.TD.6779-1, DR.TD.6779-2

The content of the QR code is consistent with the original certificate,it is a true certificate, otherwise it is a forged certificate.

(The content of the two-dimensional code is the same as the original certificate, otherwise it is a forged certificate.

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Certification basis

Information Security Technology-Basic Requirements for Classified Protection of Network Security