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Basic requirements for signal amplifier FCC authentication update

2018/08/15 18:00
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FCC OET Knowledge Database released the new KDB 935210 test guidance document in June 19, 2018. This document changes part of the test requirements in accordance with the FCC Certification Regulation to meet the latest FCC Regulation test requirements.
Specific change information:
KDB 935210 D02 Table D.2 industrial signal amplifier increases 600MHz band information:
KDB 935210 D02 in V) J) 6, KDB 634817 D02 and KDB 670583 test methods modified to KDB 971168;
In KDB 935210 D02 Table D.3 Part 90 PLMRS band assignment information table, two bands with undefined product grade are defined as corresponding product grade B9B.
KDB 935210 D03/D04 maximum output power, intermodulation, out-of-band emission test for ANSI C63.26 requirements for additional testing requirements:
    The test report shall include either a statement describing that the device complies at 10 dB above AGC or at the 5.5 power levels, or a table showing compliance at the additional input power(s) required.
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Basic requirements for signal amplifier FCC authentication update
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