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Lithium battery new national standard GB 31241-2014 implementation of relevant requirements

Lithium battery new national standard GB 31241-2014 implementation of relevant requirements

2018/08/24 10:46
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Since August 1, 2015, the lithium battery new national standard GB31241-2014 has been enforced.
The relevant requirements are unified as follows:
(1) Lithium batteries that have passed the test and obtained the CQC voluntary certification certificate according to GB 31241 alone will not be subject to any additional tests for lithium batteries themselves when CCC certification is carried out on the whole machine. If there is a part of the whole circuit involving lithium batteries to be tested (such as protection circuits), the test can be carried out according to the whole machine certification standard GB4943.1 or GB8898. Whether the specific test and which items are suitable for GB4943.1 or GB8898 is decided by the testing laboratory according to the specific situation of the whole product.
(2) For the GB 31241 voluntary certificate issued by other institutions, the requirements for acceptance shall be the same as the above if the status of the certificate inquiry is normal, the test items in the test report are complete, and the battery photos in the report are consistent with the batteries used in the whole sample.
(3) For lithium batteries that have not received any certification, the whole machine is still randomly tested according to the whole machine standard GB4943.1 or GB8898.
(4) according to the GB 31241-2014 standard, the nameplate identifier of lithium battery should comply with the requirements of 5.3.1.
(5) Since the lithium batteries in the current CCC report are purchased by the whole plant before the implementation of the standard, in order not to affect the normal certification and listing of the whole machine products, a transitional period of six months is temporarily granted. After the transitional period, the CCC certification enterprises should provide lithium batteries nameplates that meet the requirements of the national standard.
Note: After the implementation of the mandatory standards, purchasing parts that meet the mandatory standards is the legal obligation of the whole plant. The transitional period here is only the management of whether to return the CCC test report, and has nothing to do with other.
(6) On August 1, 2015, all the key components listed in the report, except the name, model, manufacturer, manufacturer, its control parameters are: "capacity, charging limit voltage (note, not rated voltage)", please note that the certification enterprise to provide the required battery parameters information.
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