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Notice on Revising Safety Certification Rules for transformers for switch mode power supply

Notice on Revising Safety Certification Rules for transformers for switch mode power supply

2018/08/24 10:51
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Relevant certification enterprises:
China Quality Certification Center (CQC) has revised the safety certification rules for transformers used in switching mode power supply. The rules and categories are listed in the table below.

Small class number

Certification Rules

Rule name



Rules for safety certification of transformers for switching mode power supplies


The amendments are as follows:
1) the certification standards GB19212.1-2003 and GB19212.18-2006 are updated to GB19212.1-2008 and GB19212.17-2013.
2) Scope of application: Increase "internal frequency greater than 500 Hz", "rated frequency 500 Hz to 1 MHz" to "rated frequency more than 500 Hz but not more than 100 MHz", and revise the rated output to "no more than 25 kVA for single-phase transformer; 40 kVA for multi-phase transformer";
3) When Annex 3 is certified according to the standard GB8898-2011, insulation resistance is no longer listed as routine inspection items, only as confirmation inspection items.
The requirements for implementing the new version of the standard GB19212.1-2008 and GB19212.17-2013 are as follows:
Standard for Transformers for Switching Power Supply GB19212.17-2013 "Safety of Transformers, Reactors, Power Supply Devices and Similar Products with a Power Supply Voltage of 1100V and Below: Special Requirements and Tests for Transformers for Switching Power Supply Devices and Switching Power Supply Devices" (hereinafter referred to as the new standard) was issued on December 17, 2013. It will be implemented in November 14, 2014 and will replace GB19212.18-2006 (hereinafter referred to as the old version). In order to ensure the effective implementation of the product certification system, the requirements of the new version of the standard for the safety certification of switching power transformers are as follows:
1, before November 14, 2014, enterprises can apply for certification according to their wishes according to the new or old standards. After November 14, 2014, we must carry out certification according to the new edition standard and issue the new version of standard certification certificate.
2. The holder of the old standard certificate shall submit to the CQC an application for the conversion of the new standard certificate after the issuance of this Notice, accept the difference test, and renew the new standard certificate after being qualified. The conversion of the old standard certificate should be completed before November 14, 2015. If the conversion certificate is not completed after the expiration date, the CQC will suspend it. If the conversion work is not completed before November 14, 2016, it will be revoked.
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