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申请商名称:    Lian Yi Printing Machinery Company Limited

产品名称:    silk screen printing machine

型号:LY-3AS,  LY-4AS, LY-6AS, LY-860SF-1, LY-S100R-1, LY-S100R-2, 
 LY-S100R-3, LY-S100R-4, LY-450F-2, LY-3FRU-01, LY-2030CQ, LY-550FL, 
LY-S80-1, LY-S150-1 , LY-BG300, LY-BG500, LY-900-TP, LY-30-UV, LY-UVFP-1, 
LY-FP-1, LY-STR-1, LY-6090T, LY-1225, LY-1515 LY-2030S4, LY-3050-RUP, 
LY-5070-RUP, LY-R100-UV,  LY-SU-100, LY-800-UV, LY-4AS-UV, LY-8AS, 
LY-1200AS, LY-3AS-UV, LY-6AS-UV, LY-850-UVIR, LY-69A-M

发行日期: October 15, 2020

备注 :
EN ISO 12100: 2010
EN 60204-1: 2018
EN IEC 61000-6-2: 2019
EN IEC 61000-6-4: 2019

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