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Explosion proof certification

Detailed introduction
Guide to inspection
When applying for the explosion-proof certificate and test report, the explosion-proof electrical products manufacturing enterprise shall handle and provide the information and prototype according to the following procedures.
Inspection data
1, business card
A copy of the business license of the enterprise (initial inspection), a letter of introduction / letter of attorney / application letter from the unit.
2, enterprise quality assurance
According to the provisions of GB3836.1 - 2010, enterprises should provide corresponding quality assurance when sending them to trial. When the enterprise passes the ISO9000 series authentication, provides the ISO9000 series authentication duplication.
3. Technical data
The technical data for enterprise's trial delivery include enterprise standards or technical requirements, product drawings, instructions for use, etc. All technical information should be in two copies.
A) enterprise standards / technical requirements
The enterprise standard/technical requirements of the product shall be compiled in a prescribed format, and the contents shall include, in addition to the performance requirements of the product, explosion-proof related contents such as basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, operating environment conditions, explosion-proof performance requirements, explosion-proof performance related tests, and explosion-proof related marks, etc.
B) product drawings
When the enterprise applies for the explosion-proof certificate of intrinsically safe electrical equipment, it should provide assembly drawings, circuit schematic drawings, printed circuit boards, screen prints, component material tables and nameplate drawings. When an enterprise applies for an explosion-proof certificate for non-intrinsically safe electrical equipment, the technical data submitted for inspection shall include drawings reflecting the explosion-proof performance of the sample (including assembly drawings and parts drawings). When the general plan can clearly show the explosion-proof parameters and structure of the product, it can only be sent to the general plan.
C) instructions for use
The instructions should include the basic parameters, explosion-proof marks, product outline, installation, maintenance, order instructions and the matters needing attention to ensure the explosion-proof performance of the products in installation and use.
D) other information
For products with adhesive and pouring seals, the model names, performance descriptions and relevant process documents of the corresponding adhesive and pouring sealants should be provided. For plastic shell products, plastic materials and corresponding performance documents should be provided.
4. Sample for inspection of explosion-proof certificate.
The prototype of the enterprise shall be in conformity with the audit blueprint, and the assembly shall be complete. The number of inspection stations shall meet the requirements. If there are special disassembly tools, they should be delivered together. For pouring electrical equipment, the products should be well sealed and not poured. The transparency of the observation window should be sent to another 5 pieces, at least 3 pieces. The transparent parts of the luminaire should be sent to another 8 pieces, at least 5 pieces. Rubber aging test should provide 35 x 15 x 6 rubber block 3~5 pieces. Plastic shell insulation resistance measurement must be provided with 150 x 60 plastic sheet 2 pieces. If the size is allowed, the plastic shell can be directly measured.
5, application mode:
5.1 Free Application: The sending and inspecting units apply by themselves, prepare relevant data, assist in debugging the prototype, and modify the non-standard parts of the data by themselves. The cycle is relatively long and the comprehensive cost is relatively high.
5.2 Agent Application: Agent application refers to the whole process of applying for an agency by a professional explosion-proof electrical and technical service agency, the intermediate data modification, prototype debugging, schedule coordination by the agency * according to authorization to complete, the progress has a better guarantee, the intermediate agreement signed after about 30 days can get the certificate, shortcomings It is necessary to pay agency fees.
About the timing of evidence collection:
The drawings and samples are complete and conform to the standards. There is no special complex test, usually one month.
About the cost of evidence collection
According to the product explosion-proof mark, product complexity, size, whether there are complex test items, consider the representative model. Generally it is about 10000 yuan, representing a model plus 10% each. If a large-scale complete set of products, a series of products or a central fee standard is not listed, it shall be carried out in accordance with the Contract Review Procedure and determined through consultation.
If the content of the explosion-proof certificate is incorrect, it should be changed in time, the address of the unit and the name of the original manufacturer should be changed, and the change procedures and application letter should be maintained.
Expiry certificate
When the validity period of the explosion-proof certificate of an enterprise is about to expire, the enterprise shall provide an application letter for the replacement of the certificate within three months before and after the validity period, and shall apply for the replacement of the certificate again with the following information. If there is any accident, please inform me in time. The application letter includes the description of the product name, model, original explosion-proof grade, original explosion-proof certificate number and whether the product has been changed. The enterprise shall also send the expired explosion-proof certificate and the technical data submitted for inspection to the center for re-examination, and provide samples for re-examination.
Scope of application
The new implementation details are divided into 17 product units:
1. Explosion-proof motor: center height < 160mm, or rated power < 15kW, explosion-proof motor: 160mm < center height < 280mm or 15kW < rated power < 100kW, explosion-proof motor: 280mm < center height < 500mm or 100kW < rated power < 500kW, explosion-proof motor: center height > 500mm or rated power > 500kW.
2. Explosion-proof electric pumps
3. Explosion-proof switchgear, explosion-proof switch, control and protection products.
5. Explosion-proof starter
6. Explosion-proof transformer class
7. Explosion-proof electric actuator and solenoid valve.
8. Explosion proof socket device
9, explosion-proof monitoring products
10. Explosion proof communication and signal device
11, explosion proof air conditioning, ventilation equipment
12. Explosion proof electric heating products.
13, explosion-proof accessories, Ex components
14. Explosion-proof instruments and meters
15. Explosion-proof sensor
16. Safety barrier
17, explosion-proof instrument box class.
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